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New Visions Community Development was founded and established January 2004, by Felix L. Revills. Felix Revills is a native of Albany, Georgia and a graduate of Dougherty High and Albany State University. In 2005, Mr. Revills was the office manager of First Albany Deliverance Cathedral, which was the church, founded by his parents, the late Apostle Isaiah & UIlainee Revills. Each week Mr. Revills would notice a growing number of displaced people coming to the church in need of various types of assistance. Due to his love and compassion for people, he decided to research options as to what he could do to positively impact the lives of the people as well as better the community as a whole.

Through dedication, commitment, and determination, that dream finally became a reality when New Visions Community Development Corporation gained tax-exempt status in 2005. This venture allowed flexibility in seeking private funds, volunteers, and other creative means to assist disenfranchised people. NVCD is unlike any other organization in that its mission is to holistically empower families. Some of the programs birthed by NVCD include Kingdom’s Kitchen which is a weekly soup kitchen to feed the hungry; Kingdom Financial which teaches families the importance of money management; and Cathedral Commons which provides low affordable housing for the homeless. NVCD also focuses on education, mentorship, and life skills training for young people. In 2008, Mr. Revills with the assistance of the Executive Director, Bobbie Strutchen, decided to partner with the Southwest Georgia Achievement Center to offer mentorship to students who had been placed in the school as an alternative instead of expelling them. NVCD would send a team of volunteers to the school several days a week to encourage, empower, and show the youth that they too could have a “new vision”. It was during this time that several of the students improved their academic performance as well as their conduct. Mr. Revills along with his NVCD staff decided to conduct a graduation ceremony for those students! This auspicious ceremony was witnessed by several community leaders, school staff, and parents!

In 2010, Andrea Revills was appointed CEO/President of NVCD. Since that time NVCD has continued to grow. Mrs. Revills has continued with the original mission of the founder in addition to the previous mentioned programs, NVCD also continues to offer a free to low cost summer camp which focuses on combating childhood obesity by introducing the students to a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise as well educating them during the summer break. The mission remains the same, in order to change one’s situation, you must address the root issues of the problem by focusing on educating, training, and mentoring the entire family in an effort to better the socioeconomic status for the next generation.