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New Visions Community Development (better known as New Visions) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Felix Revills. While serving as the office manager of First Albany Deliverance Cathedral, which was the church, founded by his parents, the late Apostle Isaiah & UIlainee Revills, Felix would notice a growing number of displaced people coming to the church in need of various types of assistance. Due to his love and compassion for people, he decided to research options as to what he could do to positively impact the lives of the people as well as better the community as a whole.


As a result, he founded New Visions to provide resources, support, and education to families and individuals in need. Over the years, the organization has grown, and in 2010, Felix’s wife, Andrea Revills, was appointed CEO and President. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families get back on their feet and create a brighter future. Through our various programs and initiatives, such as monthly food distributions, free to low cost summer camps, housing and utilities assistance, and mentorship programs, we focus on helping those in need get access to the tools they need to live better and healthier lives.

Teacher Assisting a Student
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